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5 Major Colored Pavement Surface Systems

At busy traffic intersections, we decorate the road surface with bright and eye-catching colors to ease traffic. Colored protective pavement greatly improves safety on curves, ramps, culvert entrances, and dangerous areas. 

Whether it is asphalt or concrete pavement, MEDIBO can change it to any color within 1 hour.

Whether it is a heavy-duty road, a bicycle path, or a pedestrian bridge, MEDIBO will make it safer and more beautiful.

Five Major Colored Pavement Systems

1. Ecological permeable concrete pavement system

Ecological permeable concrete pavement system

It is divided into exposed aggregate permeable concrete and non-exposed aggregate permeable concrete.Traditional masonry, concrete, and other masonry methods cut off the exchange and water vapor circulation between soil and water, causing aquatic and terrestrial organisms to lose their living and habitats; while the urban surface is covered by reinforced concrete buildings and impermeable, slippery, and brittle ordinary concrete pavements, making it difficult for water to penetrate and lacking the ability to effectively regulate urban surface temperature and humidity.

The emergence of vegetative concrete and permeable concrete is changing the traditional slope and ground paving mode.

Urban road permeable paving is the most effective technical means for the construction of ecological sponge cities.


  1. Compared with ordinary pavement, the ecological permeable pavement has good water seepage, moisture retention, and air permeability functions, and can alleviate the urban “heat island effect”.
  2. Ecologically permeable pavement can improve the microcirculation between urban water and air, greatly alleviate the urban “heat island effect”, and improve the comfort of urban walking and living.
  3. It can replenish groundwater, conserve groundwater, and have good ecological and survival benefits for urban landscaping and vegetation growth. 
  4. It can effectively reduce the content of surface dust, construction dust, etc. in the air, greatly reducing the generation of haze.
  5. It solves all aspects of rainwater” infiltration, retention, storage, purification, and use “, and the excess rainwater is then discharged. This is the greatest natural ecological theory.

ecological permeable pavement

Exposed aggregate permeable concrete is a high-end decorative permeable concrete formed by combining the “exposed aggregate” process based on permeable concrete technology.

Colored aggregate is used instead of ordinary stone. After the fresh concrete is corroded to a controlled depth by a “surface corrosive agent”, the corroded surface cement slurry is washed clean with high-pressure water, thus realizing a new type of “exposed aggregate” permeable pavement with a natural colored stone effect.

Exposed aggregate permeable concrete

2. Color-stamped concrete pavement system

High-load-bearing stamped concrete art floor is a hard paving material made of special mineral aggregates, high-grade cement, inorganic colors, and polymer additives.

Through construction processes such as lamination, finishing, and sealing, the concrete surface layer produces extraordinary stone texture and rich color effects. It is mainly used in roads, squares, driveways, sidewalks, swimming pools, interior decoration, and other floors.

Color stamped concrete pavement system


  • The product has the advantages of strong integrity, high compression, and flexural strength, no discoloration, no powdering, wear resistance, and durability.
  • Color-stamped concrete art floor is cast in one piece, the surface will not peel or fade, and will not collapse or break (if the base is not broken). Color-stamped concrete depends on the strength of the base concrete and can accommodate ordinary cars and trucks.
  • High-load-bearing stamped concrete art floor uses a special high-permeability process to make the visual effect of the art floor more realistic and natural, gorgeous and eye-catching, adding artistic appeal, enriching the landscape, making it complement the surrounding landscape, and the pattern and color can be arbitrarily combined, with a strong artistic appeal.

High-load-bearing stamped concrete art floor

3. Color-stamped asphalt pavement system

Color stamping technology is a method of asphalt pavement construction with three-dimensional color effects. It uses advanced acrylic polymer technology to bond high-strength cement and extremely flexible asphalt together to create a road protection and decoration process.

The pavement paved by this method has integrity and continuity and can be pressed into various three-dimensional grids and coated with various colors, making the original dull black road surface bright and colorful.

Color stamped asphalt pavement system

4. Colored Adhesive Stone Pavement System

Adhesive stone permeable pavement is made of special polyurethane glue and naturally colored stones through a special process. It is strong, beautiful, natural in color, and not easy to fade.Adhesive stone pavement can be made into boards of different specifications and can also be paved on-site. It is a novel artistic landscape paving material.

It has ecological permeability and good anti-slip function. It is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, radiation-free, and has no environmental pollution. It is a breathing ecological ground.

 Colored Adhesive Stone Pavement System
The application scope of adhesive stone permeable pavement: gardens, city squares, swimming pools, bathing centers, villa courtyards, indoor and outdoor decoration, parks, fitness and leisure centers, etc.

5. Pavement colorization engineering paving system

A good paved landscape can often enhance, supplement, or interpret the theme of a space. Using paving patterns to strengthen the artistic conception is also one of the techniques of Chinese garden art.In practice, we have found that it is very difficult to directly pave concrete or asphalt pavement into the desired color and pattern.

With its professional and comprehensive outdoor floor paving system, MEDIBO can provide corresponding solutions according to the actual situation of the project and design requirements.

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